Thursday, April 13, 2006

Well.. I promised to tell how I learned how to knit so here goes. It was June 16, 2004.... my Mother was visiting from Florida. She's always been a glorious knitter all my life. Not sure why I had not gotten the knitting bug until then but in any event she showed me how to cast on, knit and pearl and I was on my way. The reason that I know the exact date is that I made a few short videos of her teaching me so that when she left, if I forgot, I could replay the video and easily remember. After that, I purchased the book Stitch n Bitch and utilized the net to help me with my skills. There was a knitting class that was offered at my office last year that I took. It was an intro class teaching beginners...I wasn't a beginner at that point but I took it anyway. I was able to learn some other things like increasing and decreasing. Sometimes just learning from a person is better.

Here is a picture of the first project that I ever made from start to finish (completed 9/24/04). It's a scarf that I made for myself and I love it. There is a huge mistake on it that I was unaware of until I learned more about knitting and recoginzing the stitches. But when I look at that mistake today... I realize how far I've come. Anyway.. That's all for now. I want to get in a few rows on my current project tonight. More on that later.

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