Wednesday, September 06, 2006


It's been a few since I last posted. I had mentioned that I was going to FL immediately followed by a quick trip to TX. Here's an update.

I had brought my blanket with me to FL to have my Mom help me with the ends and things. You know... there are certain things only a Mom can tell you.... well... she told me that my blanket had too many mistakes and that if it were her blanket, she wouldn't give it to anyone. Now... sounds harsh but I took it well and realized that she was right as she helped me frog all 10 skeins. Another lesson learned. There are so many! It's a sad sad day.

I happily casted on for a new project. A little girl sweater. It's my first sweater so we'll see how it goes. So far nothing too complicated. I'm moving slowly. This sweater is from Rowan and you can see it here.

Meanwhile... as always I'm knitting more warshrags. Here is my latest. This is my first Mason Dixon one. It took a few tries to get it going but I've got the pattern moving now. I'm almost done actually!

While in TX I taught my friend and her daughter to knit. It was great! It's amazing how quickly some people catch on to things. Stefani was rolling along on her scarf so fast and her daughter, even though she was a leftie, picked it up quick as well with me trying to show her and trying to knit as a leftie. It was pretty funny!

I picked up some of this thick and quick stuff and knit a fast scarf. It's a good teaching yarn. Knits up just like it says. QUICK. This will be a gift for my Boss's daughter. She's 6 years old. How perfect with all the pretty colors. I need to locate another skein to make the fringe. I went to my Michaels last night and didn't see any. Will have to search elsewhere. I have time though since I think it will be one of my Christmas presents. Christmas! Yikes. We're already talking about Christmas.

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