Thursday, November 30, 2006


I finished this scarf for my bosses daughter. She's 6 years old. I love the look with the little knots on the ends of the fringe!

Finished this on the way in to work this morning on the train. I'm so close to finishing all my Holiday presents!

These are the next colors for Mason Dixon warshrags! Posted by Picasa


mom said...

how funny the little scarf I made for Kaylee and Kayla I also made some little knotts it looks very cute.

Michelle said...

That scarf is the cutest thing!

And I feel indirectly responsible for getting you hooked on those Mason Dixon dishrags. Be careful- they're a slippery slope. They may lead to hand towels and, in extreme cases, bathmats. Exercise caution.

mom said... mm

Kessa said...

Super cute scarf you have there! i'm sure she will love it. The wash cloths I've seen here are so cute.. How do anyone bear to use them?