Saturday, March 17, 2007

Change Purse

Where the heck have you been? So much has been going on since we got back from Daytona. Knittingwise and other. I'm finished up with my bag but need to stitch it up and make the handle...then it will be ready for felting. My friend Mandy who I am making the bag with needs to catch up so I've put that down for now until we are at the same point. 225 rows takes a long time!
So I'm back in Florida because my mom has not been feeling well so I've come to knit with her and make her feel better. Last night and today I made this change purse. It's in the washing maching right now getting felted. I got the simple pattern on line but I think the flap part is a little small. We'll see how it comes out. I made this with some needlepoint wool that my dh's grandmother gave me. Since I don't needlepoint, I thought I would try to make something different with it. The after pictures will come later.


Linda said...

Isn't felting fun? You recently left a comment about the Absorba I've been working on. Check back next week for progress on the bathmat. I just picked it up again today after finishing some birthday gifts.

I enjoyed looking at your blog. Hope your mother is feeling better.

Linda said...

That came out cute, can't wait to see the finished product and what "aunt Lucy" button you chose for it.

For a second I thought that I had posted on this already and then I realized it's a different Linda...hahahaha!