Sunday, July 22, 2007

Williamsburg VA

I went to Williamsburg VA this weekend and of course found my way to a wonderful knitting store called Knitting Sisters. They were so helpful and the store was just so cute. I picked up a Vogue Knitting book on Scarves. My friend Yvonne saw a cute scarf that she liked and it's in this book so I'm going to be making that for her. More on that when I start that project.

I saw this beautiful blanket that was already made that caught my eye so I had to pick up that pattern. It's a pattern by mac & me. I also picked up the yello yarn below to start the blanket. The trim is going to be a wonderful green but they only had one skein and I needed three. The great lady at Knitting Sisters is going to send me what I need as soon as it comes in.
This yarn is Tahki - Cotton Classic. I've used this before and I think it's great to work with. I think it's going to make a great blanket and should wash well too.
In the car on the way to Williamsburg, I worked on some warshrags. Nothing complicated. Oh, last week I finished up the dragon scarf. I need to darn in the ends and block it. I'm going to change up the smoke coming out of his nose so that will have to be a surprise. As soon as I get that done, I'll have some pictures. I think it came out great. More on that later.
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Anonymous said...

wow everything looks great and the book must be nice and also the blanket,is it knitting[it must be]it looks like crochet[ I dont like to crochet]anymore.

Linda said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!