Saturday, December 15, 2007

What have I been doing?

Holiday Organizing! I've got my list and I'm getting all my crafts ready to deliver!

I did, however have time to create this beautiful hat made from Manos del Uruguay that Mandy had given me as a gift. I made something for MYSELF and I LOVE IT! Heee Heee.

More HOliday gifts ready to go.

This is a wonderful gift that I received from a co-worker Joan. How cool is that?? What a thoughtful gift. I can't wait to put those on my holiday knitting. This way, people will always know who made it for them. Joan also gave me two Addi-turbo needles. A size 7 and a size 9 16". These are hard to find and I already used the 9 to make and complete MY hat I have shown above. These are the best needles ever!

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Linda said...

Busy bee....can't wait to see what I'm getting....HAHAHAHA!!

Anonymous said...

i saw your mother littles 'hats there so nice

nice work