Thursday, June 29, 2006

Goodies Galore!

Goodies Goodies and more Goodies. It was the package that kept on giving! So much to tell you all about. First off, the wonderful yarn you see below. It's made in China and is a lovely shade of a darkish Salmon. I can't wait to cast on with that.

The goodies above are some very cool chocolates and candies from the land of Singapore! I can't wait to feast my choppers on those especially since I just got my braces off yesterday! More on that later.

Here are some fancy knitting needles, candles, special teas, folding paper for origami that my husband thinks he is getting his hands on and some seeds to plant some beautiful flowers.

Here I have two beautiful braclets that fit just right. I have a small wrist and these are perfect!

Followed by potpourri and these fab stitch markers. Look at this necklace!
And below is a very funny drawing that she included with a note inside the box.

I love everything Secret Pal thank you thank you thank you!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad it reached you safely and that you like it. =)


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