Friday, June 23, 2006

Vacation's Over - :-(

Unfortunately vacation always has to come to an end. My husband and I got back from Montana on Monday night and it has been an insane rest of the week. I wanted to share a cool yarn that I got in MT. It's made by a company called Mountain Colors which is based out of Corvallis Montana. The yarn is hand painted and is absolutely beautiful. The color is called "firestorm" and is shown below for your enjoyment!

I purchased this yarn from a little shop in Bigfork Montana called Whitty Knitters. They don't have a website...they are super small. They lady that I met in the shop was named Annie and she was very nice and helpful. She assisted me with my purchases and some local chit chat. Oh how I wish I had a knitting store like that to call my own! I'll post up some pictures from our wonderful vacation later when my husband gets home with my thumb drive!

Most of the trip was spent visiting but I had lots of time for knitting. I was able to work exclusively on a blanket that I have been hoping to finish. The picture isn't very nice but here it is. I've only got 4 more balls of yarn left.. not sure if you can see but I've "turned the corner" so to speak and are towards the end of the project. This is knit with GGH Samoa yarn and is very soft. The pattern I'm using is out of the Stitch and Bitch book. My friend Susan is making this blanket as well with two strands of Koigu and it's absolutely beautiful just like the picture in the book.

Oh.. I also read two books. The two Maggie Sefton books - Knit One, Kill Two and Needled to Death. I absolutely loved them. What was pretty funny was that Kelly (the main character in the book) is from Washington DC (me too) and is teleworking to her office to this fabulous place in Colorado that is across the street from a very fun knitting shop and the fun continues. Sure wish I could telework all the time. If you haven't read these books, you really should. They are mysteries but the fun that surrounds the shop and how Kelly learns to knit is great. I'm going out this weekend to buy the Debbie Macomber books The Shop on Blossom Street and A Good Yarn. I hear they are great as well and I am looking forward to that.


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dear nancy,
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