Thursday, May 24, 2007


Always have a Mason Dixon washrag on the needles. Notice that I've wound up the sugar n cream on my ball winder. It's so much nicer to make it a center ball pull to keep in my bag while I'm on the train!
My second pair of socks. This one is my first one of the "series". It's the Koigu yarn that my friend Susan gave me.
My Dragon Scarf - Ohhhhh! Three "spikes" done. Isn't it cute!
Saturday I'm heading to Alaska for vacation so there will be no posts for a bit. I'll be back in a week hopefully with new progress to show. See you then.
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mom said...

wow wow wow 3 projects going,I like the ball winding It seems so nice.Socks and scarf I guess you can finish those projects on the long plane woo

Linda said...

It's nice to have a craft that is so portable, huh? I wouldn't know! LOL!!