Sunday, August 26, 2007

Italian Goodies

Back from Italy with some goodies!

Paul's mother lives in Grottaglie, Italy. They are a big area for ceramics. Some of them are even sold here in the US to places like Pier One. This red vase was made by Andrea Antonazzo. It's beautiful and will sit in my red fireplace room.

This oil container was made by another local artist. I love the look of the olives.

A small tray that we got. It has the "crackled" look. I think we'll use this to serve olives. It has a significant amount of detail and the photo really doesn't do it justice.

Picked this up in Matera, Italy. It is called a Cuccu. In the 1950s the cuccu was the object of desire of all children, a sort of "status symbol" to show off in order to provoke envy in those many others who had never owned one.

However, long before then, the cuccu had other functions.

In ancient times it was viewed as something that could keep away those evil spirits that haunted homes and, as a result, was considered a symbol of good luck and serenity.

Later, this humble but attractive "chicken", with its colourful flowers and little birds, became enriched with the symbology of fertility and custom dictated that it was offered as a gift to newly weds on their wedding day.

Today, this peculiar whistle, which has evolved both in dimension and colour, has become an object suitable to decorate old and modern interiors alike, retaining the mysterious and arcane aura that envelops it, turning it into a unique and irreplaceable item.

This clock comes from Rome (obviously). It's hand made from here. Paul and I were really drawn to it and went back to this shop twice before we got it. It is really beautiful.
Now this is the most wonderful Olive Oil I have ever had. We found this in Martina Franca. Good to know that I can find this in the states. Once I finish this up, I'll be looking for it for sure.
More on the trip in the next couple of days.


mom said...

wow wow everything looks great I like all your special things you brought from this wonderful country,what a beautiful vase,next time I go to Pier one I will look at those vases.

Michelle said...

An excellent haul! Looks like you had a great time.

Linda said...

Great stuff, Sis....did you have to buy another piece of luggage for all of that? :)