Friday, August 03, 2007

Why there is no Dragon Scarf picture tonight.

I take mass transit to get to work and back. I left the office at 6:35. I thought I would be slick and take the yellow line from Ft. Totten (plus I heard that there were delays on the Orange line because of the intense heat which always means delays on the blue line). The yellow line only starts at Ft. Totten at 7pm (which is after rush hour - I know, that's dumb). I'd get on the first train, I wouldn't have to deal with the "drama" and crowds at Chinatown and I'd have lots of uninterrupted kitting time all the way from Ft. Totten to King Street. So I get off at Ft. Totten and go down 1st the escalator then down the 2nd escalator and mind you... it's about 98 degress outside and the air is thick. I'm waiting for that wonderful empty yellow line train. The sign comes up 10 minutes for that train. I think.... that's just not efficient I should have just kept going to Chinatown and switched there to yellow... so I go back up the escalator and back up the 2nd escalator and wait again for a red line train. Once I get to Chinatown, I look up at the waiting board and it says the next yellow line train... 20 minutes! Ugh. I hear over the loud speaker delays on the Yellow Line due to a sick customer. Probably from waiting on trains and the intense heat. Okay, back up the escalator and wait 10 minutes for a red train to go one stop to Metro Center where I will catch the next blue line train. Next blue line train 6 minutes. Take that all the way to Van Dorn Street. I get to Van Dorn street at 8:02. Damn... missed my shuttle bus. Have to wait until 8:20. Get the 8:20 shuttle bus and arrive home 8:35.
2 hour commute.

Here is some progress on the blanket.
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mom said...

I am soooo sorry about yor crazy commute.I really like your blankie,1st the color is so nice and the stitching looks very nice....ooh ooha good work.

Linda said...

Nice blanket! Ugh on the commute nightmare! Almost time for vacation!! Yippeee for you!!