Sunday, January 20, 2008

The list gets smaller

My bathmat is completed. I was very excited. The reason that I wanted to make this specifically is because I wanted it to exactly fit the space between the tub and the wall. You just can't buy a store bought mat this perfect. It just plain garter stitch but I love it. It is so soft and cushy on your feet when you get out of the shower. And at the end of the week it goes right into the washing machine to get cleaned up for the new week ahead. I've washed my log cabin bath mat several times and they just come out perfect out of the machine. Thank you Sugar and Cream!

Went this weekend to see our friends in PA. Yvonne picked up this book below for a knitting muggle like myself. I can't wait to comb through every page and see what I can make!

So now that the list has one less UFO on it, I've moved on to the said baby blanket. I have one more ball of yarn to complete the bulk of the blanket and before I start on the edging. I will shoot a picture tomorrow to show! I'm so glad to have an extra day off this weekend. Tomorrow will be some chores but some knitting too! It's turned very very cold here this weekend (20 degrees!). It's just perfect weather for knitting.

Happy Knitting!


James said...
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Linda said...

Wow, I actually had the name of that book written down on my pad and was going to tell you about it, that is so funny!! Happy knitting!

mom said...

happy book for a fun knitter,wow got to check it at Barnes and Nobles.Enjoy your day off.