Saturday, September 06, 2008


Finally finished this UFO. Blanket! I love the edging - as much as a pain in the woot it was to do it, it looks great!
OMG. Remember this DRAMA? Well.... I think I just created more drama. Maybe I'm just not meant to finish this project. I worked on the side today and I frogged it several times and I really really really thought that I had got it right until I was down to 6 stitches and I held it up to the back side of the sweater. Now really??? Anyone can figure out that something is amiss here. Back to the drawing board. I'm going to have to get some help AGAIN.


Linda said...

The blanket is awesome! Don't know about the sweater...looks like some of the crochet projects I'd done in the past...hahaha...and that's always been my problem with knitting, I lose stitches along the way or my stitches get so tight I can't get them off the needle...hence I no longer knit! ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe by the time I move back to Alexandria you'll have this done? LOL...