Thursday, May 04, 2006

On the road...

I've been out of town for about a week on vacation. I went to Vegas with my husband for a few days and then off to Bald Head Island for a few days with friends. The weather was great in North Carolina so there was not much time for knitting but instead much time was spent at the beach playing in the sand. I did however, work on my current project (discussed below) in the car ride. I'm sad that vacation is over but we are already planning our next one.


I'm working on a tank top that I saw in a book at Michael's. I normally wouldn't purchase a book for one lonely pattern but there were a few other items of interest in the book. The book is called Desperate Knitting. The pattern is called Strut Your Stuff. I'm knitting it using the yarn called for in the pattern Caron Jewel Box in a ruby red color. I did make a gauge swatch and thought that I could get away with making a size small but now that I see it coming to light, I think that I should have gone with a bigger size. What happens if I can't block it to size? I've just knit this whole thing for nothing. What a disappointment. I'll wait and see. I'm going to work on it tomorrow. I still have to sew it up. Since I'm a beginner knitter, I'm using my Stitch n Bitch book for some helpful hints on blocking and such. Tomorrow I'll have up a picture before blocking.

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