Monday, August 07, 2006

Ahhhh Summer Weekends....

Watching the sunrise on the most perfect day is priceless... especially when it's with your husband. We spent the weekend with friends here in Virginia cruising around on a jet ski and a boat...... fishing and having lots of fun.

Here we are sunrise 6:15am on Sunday. Ahhh priceless.

Knitting was scarce this weekend because fishing was on the agenda! I caught an 18" stripper fish. Boy did he taste good for dinner! We were out in the boat around 6:30 and back by 9:00 to beat the heat. It was a perfect time and the fish were certainly biting well. Janet and I caught a bunch of fish before Paul even got his first bite! Who said girls can't fish?
This morning I started this on the train to work. I like the squares. It will make a cute dish rag. I'm having a lot of fun making these and ignoring the fact that I want to make and finish my first sock. I read my secret pal's blog and she whipped out a few socks this weekend again! Boy does she make us all look bad.

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