Monday, August 21, 2006

Almost done!

I've been diligently working on my blanket and it's almost done. I'm on the last ball of yarn before I start working on the border. I'll be glad when it's completed. It's become quite boring to knit but I'm determined to not start anything else until it's done. (Except of course my subway projects since the blanket is just too big to bring on the subway!).

I sent my secret pal her last package today. It's kinda sad to see this all coming to a close. I sure hope that this package gets to Australia safe and intact. I've enjoyed reading her blog. She just posted up what she made with the koigu that I sent her in the first package. Wow... it's beautiful. Check it out.

I'm leaving for Florida on Friday to see my Mom and Brother. My sister and 2 nephews are also going to FL (they are leaving tomorrow) and we will be able to hang for a few days (my trip is only Friday-Tuesday. I'm hoping to have my blanket completed and have Mom help me with all those ends that need to be tucked away! I also want to block it while I am there. The thing looks like a mess right now.

Here is the next dishcloth that I've been working on. I'm not so crazy with the pattern but it's cute. I'm ready for this one to be done.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the compliment, Nancy! The yarn was wonderful to work with. I'm really looking forward to the last package!

Hooray for knitted dishcloths! One can never have too many.

denise said...

so sorry about your lavender blanket.
your the best love you