Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Stash...

So some of you may think that this really can't constitue a stash considering that I don't really have that much yarn. I've been diligent in my quest to not buy more than I can realistically use. So far I've been doing pretty well. Some of the yarn I have has been gifts so that really doesn't count.
Drawer One: In the picture below is actually some needlepoint yarn that was given to my by DH grandmother. It's 100% wool and I was thinking that I could felt a bowl for her. I just have not gotten to it yet. I will though soon. Below you also see the only 2 skeins of koigu that I own. That was a gift as well from my friend Susan. There's a few things of sock yarn here too. That's one of the things on the list for 2007. Socks. I must make myself a pair of stinking socks.

Drawer Two: Here on the left is the yarn for my sweater that I'm going to try to make for myself. It was on the cover of the Creative Knitting Magazine. I talked about it on my blog here. Also, for those of you following my blog, the purple yearn on the right toward the back is the yarn from that blanket that my mother made me frog. Really, it was the right thing to do.

Drawer Three:

Two cases of needles on the left. Also on the right in the bin is all my circular needles. Addi Turbos in one section and all others in the other section. I keep all the packages so they fit neatly in there.
You may have noticed that there were no Sugar n Cream in any of those drawers. That's because they have their own home outside of the cabinet. There's too much (especially my sister Linda bought me a bunch for christmas.
So that's all I got (for now). Impressed??!!


mom said...

nice to be organize, it runs in the

mom said...

dh granmother???????????????

Nancy said...

DH - Darling Husband

mom said...

dh.Mm, very funny