Saturday, February 10, 2007

WIP - Capelet

I started this on Tuesday. It's going to be a small capelet. I saw a friend wearing one and I thought, I could so make that. I'm going to sit down and finish it up today after I finish up putting all my stuff away back in my craft cabinet.

So remember when I bought this ? The door was broken and I've been waiting for a proper replacement since last year! Well.... long story short, they had to replace the entire thing so it was a proper time for me to reorganize all my crafts and yarn and things. Wasn't my DH scared when I had emptied it all and he saw everything that I so neatly 'hid'.


mom said...

what a beautiful cabinet, you can really enjoy it , yeah we tend to spend a lot when we do anykind of crafts.

Linda said...

Wow,'s great to finally see your cabinet and your stuff!! Looks amazing!