Friday, February 16, 2007

What a long strange trip its been.....

So those of you who know me, know that I've had our trip to Florida planned for many many months to attend the infamous Daytona 500~! Unfortunately mother nature played a wicked role in our travel plans this year and our flight was cancelled on Wednesday. More unfortunately was the fact that every flight out of every Washington DC airport to every airport in Florida was booked up until Saturday. Guess what?
We're driving to Florida!

Here's what we started out with Wed morning. Ice, snow, sleet and cold.

Here we are later... Welcome to North Carolina - Green grass, green trees and warmer weather.

So anybody who has driven south on the 95 knows the highlight is Pedro. Pedro is the icon of the drive down 95. South of the Border (this is where the border of South Carolina is) is a milestone on the drive.

There are mucho billboards alerting you to the exact mileage to get to South of the Border. It is a countdown of sorts.

Here we are! Restaurants, Hotels and Hot Tamales OH MY!

I don't have pictures of us arriving in Georgia or Florida. I was doing some driving then while DH was sleeping. But then I had to break out the light for some nighttime knitting.

This thing worked great. Not a bother to DH or otherwise. I got a bunch of knitting done. It sits on your ear! Check it out.
That's all for now! Tomorrow we attend the Busch race!


Linda said...

Dude you took a lot of Pedro pictures!! ;) That thing for your ear is so cool....and your sister's birthday is next month...hmmmm...hehehehe....

mom said...

mom gave you hotel stay, for that little

Linda said...

Back off, mom....I asked first. BAHAHAHAHA!

Nancy said...

no need to fight over it.